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I provide individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) treatment to youth over the age of 13 years and adults who are struggling with depression and/or anxiety disorders. I  also address other anxiety related complicating factors such as substance use, irritable bowel syndrome, perfectionism and insomnia.  

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Comprehensive Assessment


  • During the initial appointment(s), we will focus on developing a comprehensive assessment and create a case formulation. The assessment is required to develop a cognitive and behavioural understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing, to assess the internal and external factors that may be contributing to and maintaining the presenting problems, and to develop a collaboratively agreed upon treatment plan. Structured assessment tools are used to elicit additional information, and self-report measures are used throughout to measure progress. During these initial sessions, I will also socialize you to the CBT model and discuss informed consent for treatment which includes your rights as my client. 

Individual Counselling


  • Individual CBT, sessions are typically 55 minutes once a week. Although there can be variations depending on presenting problems and circumstances. Your therapy goals and the treatment plan that is developed collaboratively will be the focus of the individual counselling. You will learn strategies to identify and change thoughts and behaviours that are contributing and maintaining your current difficulties. These strategies will include cognitive and behavioral strategies. The structure of the sessions will remain consistent, but the content will change depending on what we are working on. There is an expectation to complete “action plans” between sessions and this may include monitoring thoughts or symptoms or behavioral experiments to test out a hypothesis or to practice a new skill. The goal very much is for you to learn how to be your own CBT therapist.   

Behavioural Interventions


  • There are many diverse protocols that have been created for providing CBT to clients with various anxiety disorders and depression. These protocols include behavioural or exposure-based techniques and although they often take on similar forms, there is some variation depending on the specifics related to your concerns and diagnosis. Exposure therapy is considered the treatment of choice for anxiety disorders and the rationale for its use will be well explained.   

On Line Counseling


  • I offer on line counselling to clients who are going to be away for prolonged periods of time (i.e. students away at school etc.) or are unable to attend for various reasons (illness, weather etc.). Determination for on line counselling will only be considered following the comprehensive assessment. I have a secure web based platform that I utilize which meets HIPAA compliance.



  • I am available to provide coaching/support to community therapists or others who may have an interest in working toward certification in CBT, learn more about the principles of CBT, advance their knowledge about the cognitive model, case conceptualization and treatment protocols of various anxiety disorders/depression/eating disorders. I am also available to coach parents who have an interest in helping their children cope more effectively with anxiety.



  • I encourage collaboration with General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, School personnel, and any other professionals who may be involved in helping you reach your goals. 


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